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Drown the Voices of War against Iran!

Hi all,

Remember the people who told us that Iraq had a secret stockpile of weapons of mass destruction? They're back, and they've got another bridge to sell you. According to George W. Bush and friends, Iran is the new al-Qaeda.

We need your help to drown out the drumbeat for war with Iran by writing a letter to the editor of your local paper! We've asked all of our members to write, and our goal is to get at least 200 letters published.

We made it super easy for you! Go to our website (  type in your zip code and your local newspapers will be on display, click the one you want to send it to, use our talking points and ad some of your own in and hit send! It's as easy as that!

We can't have a deja-vu of the Iraq war again.

Write a letter today Changers.

And, make sure you let me know if your letter was published -- I'd love to hear about it and we'll share it with all of our members. You can write to me at

Sequals are meant for movies, not disastrous Middle East wars. Together we can fight back for sensible national security policy.

Thank you for all of you support,

Council for a Livable World

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