Free Saudi Shia Activist Israa Al Ghomgham!

Free Saudi Shia Activist Israa Al Ghomgham!

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Why this petition matters

Saudi Shia Female Human Rights Activist Israa Al Ghomgham had faced the death penalty for her activism. Although the death penalty is no longer being demanded in her case but she still faces life in prison! 

No prison for demanding human rights! 

Saudi Arabia must free Shia activist Israa Al Ghomgham!

Israa Al Ghomgham is a 29-year-old Shia human rights activist from Qatif who was arrested 8 December 2015 along with her husband Musa Al Hashim after a raid was carried out by Saudi security forces. After being in jail for almost 3 years, on 6 August 2018 her case was brought before the notorious Specialised Criminal Court where the public prosecutor demanded the death penalty for Israa Al Ghomgham. 28 October is her next hearing and she may be sentenced to death officially. 

What was the horrific crime Israa committed to be given the death penalty? She supported and participated in protest calling for the release of political prisoners and called for equality for her community that has faced systematic discrimination in Saudi Arabia for belonging to a minority religious faith. If Israa is sentenced to death she will be the first female human rights activist to be given the death sentence for human rights related work.

Charges/accusations against her: "participating in protests in the Qatif region", "incitement to protest," "chanting slogans hostile to the regime", "attempting to inflame public opinion", "filming protests and publishing on social media", and "providing moral support to rioters", according to Human Rights Watch.

Saudi Arabia continues its crack down on activist and anyone who dares criticize the government, the provisional death penalty given to Israa is just the latest concerning actions being taken against outspoken Saudi citizens. 

We as the international community unite. We lend our support for Israa and voice our outcry at this inhumane treatment of an innocent individual who committed no crime but only demands equality for her community and is a passionate human rights activist.

We call for the immediate and unconditional release of Israa Al Ghomgham and also all other who have been jailed for standing for human rights. Israa never should have been arrested for committing no crime but only to voice her support for basic dignity for her community and release of political prisoner. Israa has endured enough and should be set free. 

Some Facts:

Israa Al Ghomgham had been provisionally sentenced to death by a Saudi court in Riyad. 

Israa Al Ghomagham belongs to minority Shia faith the faces discrimination in Saudi Arabia.

**Shia Muslims are systematically discriminated against and are viewed as heretics and infidels by the Saudi Wahhabi. Forms of discrimination against this minority groups are widespread. Shia Muslims form the majority in the Eastern province of Saudi Arabia where these protest took place. Since the Arab Spring of 2011, Shia’s have been vocal and active in demanding equality. Saudi Arabia has continued to arrest and sentence to death activists for participating in human right activities including engaging and supporting street protests. 

132,889 have signed. Let’s get to 150,000!