Drop All Charges Against Clayton Allison For Good

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On February 13, 2015, Clayton Allison was wrongfully convicted of his daughter's accidental death. Jocelynn Renee Allison was a beautiful, disabled, 15-month-old who was adored by her parents, family and friends. Everyone who loved Jocelynn and saw her in her daily life knows Clayton is innocent!

On July 26, 2019, the Alaska Court of Appeals REVERSED the wrongful conviction, finally acknowledging what family and friends have been saying for the 4.5 years that he has been imprisoned. Clayton's conviction was wrongfully obtained by banning evidence that Jocelynn's mother, Christiane Joy Allison, had been diagnosed with a dominant genetic connective tissue disease (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome) that explained Jocelynn's injuries and death. This ban prevented Jocelynn's own treating physician from telling the jury he suspected a genetic condition and had already planned to test Jocelynn as soon as her pending TEFRA insurance application was approved. 

No one wants a family, grieving from the untimely death of an ill or disabled child, subjected to years of harsh treatment and needless additional heartache. Family and friends have had to endure precisely that for 11 years since Jocelynn passed on to be with the Lord in 2008. Multiple loved ones have passed away, and others have endured severe illness from the unrelenting stress, awaiting justice for Clayton and Jocelynn. 

Now the State of Alaska has a choice. The Appeals Court noted that "the evidence presented at trial was almost exclusively that Allison was a loving father who was very involved in his special needs child’s care." The State can choose to forgo trying Clayton again with merely circumstantial evidence, or they can decide to drag Jocelynn's family and friends through the multi-year process of a retrial in an attempt to wrongfully convict and imprison Clayton Allison again.

The grieving need peace. We need this nightmare to be over for good. Please sign this petition, asking the State of Alaska to drop all charges against Clayton permanently, and to allow Jocelynn's family and friends to finally heal. 

For more information visit www.FreeClaytonAllison.com