Train timing from chandausi to aligarh need to be revisited

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The train timings between aligarh to chandausi and back is required to be revisited.  At 0455 a passenger train starts from aligarh, a train from agra to bareilly is also bound to pass via aligarh and chandausi at about 0230 hrs, but practically passes from aligarh between 04am to 05 am from aligarh almost daily. Link express from allahabad to hardwar also passes from aligarh at almost same time. In a time period of 30mins  to 01 hr three trains runs from Aligarh to chandausi and after that a train at after 1201 pm in travels from aligarh to chandausi. The same situation is there while returning in the evening. A good no of  employes are traveling from aligarh to different countryside postings and coming back in the evening. If the passenger train which starts at 0455 hrs from aligarh is delayed by 01 hour to one and half , it will suit to daily commuters and at same time the devotees going to haves holy bath in great ganges at rajghat or narora will be benefited. 

And train starting from chandausi to aligarh in evening which is scheduled at 0650 pm but actually starts from chandausi 0730to 0830 pm on daily basis may be preponed by 01 or one and half hour which again will immenselt benefit daily commuters and devotees and railway.

Railway will be getting more passenger if the timings are made suitable.