Drivers concerns

Drivers concerns

18 August 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Drivers Ballito

1. Alarming high number of stolen “lost” parcels(Which are passed on unduly to driver without proper investigation, but rather threat and fear). 
2. Driver paying for parcels without investigation, caused by the incompetence of supervisors(maybe training should be provided to them)

3.Bias and unfair distribution of parcels to drivers(preference not given on merit but on acquaintance)
4.   Drivers being fired for expressing their views and concerns. Fear tactic
5. One sided view of issues and complains, drivers side never heard.
6. Shouting at Drivers in public when disciplining them.
7. A clear explanation of the insurance as it was dumped to drivers and not explained properly.

8. We as drivers wish to put our side of story before they fine us...bcos there are some fines we get unfairly.

9. We need explanation as to why "CNP" fee is not paid as we drive to the address of the customers.

10. We need the New driver that was fired back bcos of raising issues concerning all of us as drivers for not making profit.

11. Lack of transparency and harsh response when drivers ask about discrepancies on  weekly salaries which is a common thing. 

12. We know Friday's, Month Ends and Paydays are important on Mr D but we need flexibility and to provide our availability as IC's
13. Lack of respect , accountability and  abuse of power by managers.

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Signatures: 18Next Goal: 25
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