Bring private insurance to British Columbia

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ICBC’s insurance prices have gotten ridiculously high as of September 1st 2019. (Even was ridiculous before) It now takes 40 years to reach a full discount compared to before which was 9 years. In other provinces it takes as little as 10 years to reach max discount. ICBC also requires you to list all drivers who use your vehicle even if it’s as little as once a month, this causes 25% of your premium to be based off of their driving. With premiums averaging around 1,850 (give or take a little) BC pays hundreds and hundreds of dollars more compared to other provinces. Not to mention, ICBC has nearly over 6,000 employees, that’s almost double the amount of employees per policyholder insured by other Canadian insurers. Speaking on behalf of young drivers like me, WE CANNOT AFFORD TO PAY 5000-6500 A YEAR FOR INSURANCE WORKING MINIMUM WAGE JOBS AND GOING TO SCHOOL!!! Our parents have jobs, we have jobs, some of us don’t have bus access so we have to drive ourselves but how can we if we can’t afford it? I work about 20-25 hours a week and go to high school full time. I cannot even afford to pay my insurance before the policies were changed.