Help to Stop the Deportation of Cile Precetaj

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Cile Precetaj, 46, has been going to the Immigration Office every day. She normally brings her children with her, but she didn't Thursday April 27th, and was detained. As soon as they detained her, the poor mother felt like she was having a heart attack, and was rushed to the hospital. She was actually having an anxiety attack because of all the stress, and was taken straight to St. Clair county jail. She has been living in the United States for the past 18 years, and has three U.S born children. In 2013 she had a deportation scare as well, but she had an executive order which allowed her to stay longer. She has no criminal record, but they are treating her as a criminal. She has tried for years to become a U.S citizen, and has been abiding by the immigration office’s rules. Now this mother of 3 is in jail, and she needs as much help as she can get. According to USA Today, Precetaj‘s dream is to stay in the U.S. and "raise my kids in this beautiful country." Now, her dream is about to be crushed. She works hard every day to provide for her children, and for her blind mother-in-law. Without her, her family will be deported. Please help this loving mother be able to live her dream of raising her children in a democratic and free country. Her story has hit home with national news including USA Today, The Detroit Free Press, and even Good Morning America. Please help fight to keep this beautiful family together.