Tell Driscoll's Berries We Want More Sustainable Packaging!

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Plastic pollution is a grave environmental concern for our planet.  Every piece of plastic that is thrown away is here for hundreds of years, if not more.  This problem is affecting all areas of our Earth, from roadside pollution to damaging marine habitats.  Because our government does not have our environment at the forefront of their policy making, it is up to us as consumers to drive change.  

Driscoll's Berries is the world's largest berry company, and each package of berries is housed in plastic clamshells that cannot be recycled a large majority of the time due to the type of plastic they are made of.  The problem worsens when there is still an adhesive sticker attached to the clamshell- then they are not recycled at all!  

Let's tell Driscoll's Berries that we want more sustainable packaging for their berries.  Something that will break down or compost safely and won't wreak havoc on our planet for hundreds of years.  We want to be able to enjoy one of the healthiest foods without having to damage the environment at the same time.  Driscoll's has the power and resources to do better than plastic!