Increased storage space for Drexel emails

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As a current Drexel University student, I've had to go to my university email and delete emails several times in the three short months I've spent here just stay below the limit. What is the limit Drexel gives us? 100 MB. That's less than 2% of the data my tiny USB can hold. 

Over winter break, I didn't check my email for two weeks as I was on vacation. When I finally got back, I realized my mailbox reached the limit in the middle of my vacation due to spam emails from shady email addresses and school emails. Due to this, I did not receive many important emails I was expecting for an entire week. After contacting IT support, they told me that those emails I was sent were unrecoverable as my quota was full at the time.  

I got very frustrated with the system as I have never in my life had to delete emails to keep my mailbox from reaching a certain quota. So I decided to do some research to find out if students from other universities run into these problems. Here's some of what I found:

Binghamton University: 30 GB of storage (300 times what Drexel gives)

University of North Carolina: 2 GB of storage (20 times what Drexel gives)

University of Kansas: 2 GB of storage (20 times what Drexel gives)

All of these universities are ranked lower than Drexel and have much lower tuition fees. Additionally, for the last two universities stated, 2 GB is the default limit. If a student needs more storage, he can simply ask for it and it will be added on to his email. 

I would argue that at least 1 GB of space is reasonable. We need this additional storage to be able to keep all our emails in one place to refer to them in the future if necessary. Also, by having the limit so low, we run the risk of our email quota filling up and missing emails from potential employers, professors, and others. 

Drexel University is among the top 8% of universities in the United States. It's email storage should reflect that.


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