50% Reduction On Drexel University Tuition

50% Reduction On Drexel University Tuition

April 1, 2020
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President of Drexel University John Fry
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Why this petition matters

Started by Lukas Da Silva

Learning online has taken away at least 50% of the school’s value. We cannot pay the same price as before for a lesser level of education.

“A lot of colleges simply can’t afford to give [tuition] refunds,” said Robert Kelchen, a Seton Hall University professor who studies financial access to higher education. “They don’t have the extra money to do that when they are still paying their employees.”

We were not paying this school JUST for the employees!


Professors / Access to Faculty

Online Critique via comments and limited video chat

Online Resources: Articles, Texts, Tutorials

Limited online database


Studio Space (ex) fashion students no longer have access to sewing machine, dress form, iron, and pattern table

Making Center- Laser Lab, Woodshop, Metal shop, 3D printers.

Equipment Center (To produce quality work)

Real-life face to face critiques with our PHYSICAL artwork

Print shops, including rapid prototyping, photography, and imaging labs and metalworking, jewellery, and woodworking facilities.

Design Labs

Computer Labs



Galleries/Exhibition Facilities

Access to Philly Museums

Philly based Field Trips

Class time has been cut down from 3 hours to 20-40 min. This is not what we are paying for. 
There’s no opportunity to connect with others and take part in events, and even if they’re online, you cannot network.

Some assignments have been adapted to become less challenging, decreasing the quality of education.

Some online classes are being cancelled even though we pay tuition.

Drexel’s online degree is MUCH cheaper. The University charges around $1000 per credit for regular Drexel students while it’s around $500 per credit for the online course. That is 50% cheaper than the online course we are paying for right now. 

The economy is already suffering, how can we be expected to pay the same amount as before? 

Some professors are requiring international students to attend Zoom sessions throughout the night (between 11 pm and 7 am). 
Some people have to go back to abusive homes while the university was their escape. 

We understand that with inflation the tuition increases every other year but because of the set back caused due to these circumstances, a majority of us cannot afford to pay $63k at the moment. 

We also understand that at this point of the semester, salaries need to be given, bills need to be paid and equipment needs to be bought, but with a school like ours, it is completely unacceptable to be charging full tuition prices for giving us less than 25% of the amenities or resources we need or offered upon joining this university. 

In these uncertain times, we need your support and your reputation to hold us up more than ever before.



Support now
Signatures: 1,468Next Goal: 1,500
Support now

Decision Makers

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