Help Remove the Mandatory Freshman Meal Plans at Drexel University

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We are campaigning for serious changes to be made with Drexel’s current dining plans and its infamous Handschumacher Dining Center (Hans). The continued health violations and overall poor quality of food has resulted in yet another freshman class feeling wronged by the institution.

Drexel requires freshmen to purchase one of their all inclusive meal plans. As this is a common practice among colleges, that is not inherently the issue. The problem is that the most popular dining location, the Handschumacher Dining Center, has had consistently poor quality food. Dozens of scathing articles have been written about the Hans throughout the years in Drexel’s student-run newspaper (The Triangle), and the Hans currently holds a 2-star review on Yelp.  

The final straw for us freshmen came with the news last November that the Hans had more than 20 Pennsylvania Food Code violations.  One violation that has been reported since 2010 is the presence of fruit flies, mouse infestation, and roaches near food preparation areas. Sodexo, a French food services and facilities management multinational corporation with revenue of 16.04 billion EUR in 2011 that manages the Handschumacher Dining Center, was awarded the highest possible score in an NSF audit, a third-party health inspection that sets the industry standard for food, physical, and equipment safety, according to former Retail Management Director Jackelyn Eliassen. But how would you explain the food inspection report from the Philadelphia Department of Health and Office of Food Protection?                                                  

Drexel requires all freshmen who reside in Drexel Residence Halls, reserved for freshmen, to participate in the all inclusive meal plans. Each costs $1,895 a quarter, or $5,685 for the freshman year. If all reserved residence halls are filled to capacity, there are exactly 3,074 freshmen who are each paying $5,685 a year, or nearly $17.5 million all combined each year! This, coupled with the incredibly high tuition and fees, makes the condition of the Hans unacceptable.  

Help us in our efforts to change the continued problem with our school. We, as freshmen, have just made a massive decision and investment by choosing to attend Drexel, and the school has met that decision by feeding us garbage.  

Our goals are to:

- make the administration aware of the major dissatisfaction the student body has with the state of the Drexel Dining Services, specifically the Hans

-remove the mandatory meal plans until changes are made

- work with the administration in finding solutions for these glaring issues

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Htet Naing Aung, Ahmed Dar, and Jack O’Brien


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