Dress code change for palmyra school district

Dress code change for palmyra school district

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Why this petition matters

Started by Sara Garl

The current dress code at PASD states the following is NOT permitted: 
1. Visible undergarments.
2. Tops/dresses with spaghetti straps.
3. Tops that expose the midriff or cleavage, tube tops, and halter-tops.
4.Cut off shirts, sleeveless shirts, and tank tops are not permitted for young
5. "Cold shoulder" tops are permitted for young women - "Off the shoulder"
tops are not.
6. Mesh shirts without something underneath.
7. Sunglasses, hats, bandanas, and hoods up on sweatshirts will not be
permitted to be worn during school hours.
8. Dresses, skirts, shorts, or clothing worn as a dress must be at least
mid-thigh in length unless spandex shorts are worn underneath. These
spandex shorts must be closer to the mid-thigh than the hip.
9. Holes in clothing may not reveal skin above the mid-thigh.
10. The student shall not wear clothing, jewelry, or any other attire that
present a health or safety concern or that advertise or advocate the use of
alcoholic beverages, drugs, or other illegal behavior; lewd, profane, or obscene
language or messages; and messages that disrupt or create reasonable
apprehension of disruption of the educational program, including messages
that advocate violence and mayhem, criminal behavior, or the violation of
Board policy and messages that have, as their sole purpose, the harassment
and/or intimidation of others in the school community.

If you take a look at this list you will see most of them are directed towards  females. There is 1 directed towards  males and a couple that are neutral. As a female I can say that this dress code needs to be updated for many reasons. We should be able to wear what we want and what matches the current fashion and weather without being looked at like an object or worried about getting dress coded. If we have an issue with men that is their issue and they should be punished not us. While all this being said obviously we need at least a little bit of dress code just so that people aren’t showing up naked. the following should be the new dress code that is for everyone:

-buttox and nipples must be covered

-underwear shall not be worn as outwear but straps may be showing 

-hats may be warn as long as they are not covering your face

-sholders, mid drift, thighs, and cleavage may be showing

- no offense terms or anything about drugs, sex, alcohol, ect.

another one of the things you will be signing this petition for is to be able to wear hats in school. Mr. Rackley at the middle school has said we aren’t allowed to wear them due to security reasons. A hat dosent change the person looks you may not be able to see their hole face but you can narrow it down and if it’s a issue then only let us wear them in the classrooms not hallway. My final argument is that we have hat days. Security reasons do not just disappear those days so there for we should be able to wear hats every day. 

124 have signed. Let’s get to 200!