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Petition against dress codes Nomoredresscodes​.​com

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Sophia Trevino started this petition to Ragsdale and

Please visit my webpage for any updates, stories, and to register for upcoming protests. 

We have also started a gofundme page where all proceeds will help make more shirts for more students. Let get the entire district in one!

Below is the solution me, and my fellow classmates, want. I do not wish to abolish the dress code altogether. However, there are many versions of the Toronto dress code in effect throughout our nation that have been successful. There is no reason it cannot be successful here in Georgia.  Proposed Dress Code

edit: August 28, 2021. Cobb County School District is now saying that they have revised the minimum standards dress code and that Dr. Mitchell is the decisionmaker on the provisions that we are protesting. CCSD’s dress code allows for individual schools impose further restrictions. So, for now, a school may have the minimum standards, but a school one mile away may deem its students to be inherently more distracting and those parents do not have the same freedom in decisions for their child. Yet both families are in the same district and paying the same taxes. 

Cobb County has essentially said that their hand are clean and this is all Dr. Mitchell’s decision. 


Dress codes blame the young girl wearing the clothing rather than educating the viewers that we should be allowed wear what we want in school if we feel comfortable. Staff and teachers blame the wearer for the viewers' perception and actions. Cobb County Schools and our principal have made a gender discriminating dress code for my school and it is unacceptable. Everyday, there is a teacher out in the hallway sending girls to the principal's office for holes in their jeans and many more strict clothing rules. They force all the girls to place their hands down so they can measure the “appropriateness” in front of everyone. 

First day of school, many girls, including me, got sent to the principal's office for our jeans. About 15 girls were coming in and out, missing our first period class. That was just from my grade. I cant imagine the other sixth and seventh graders' first day of stepping into middle school (this year's seventh graders were online in sixth grade) and being sent to the office for their legs showing.

Last year, there was no dress code because of COVID and nothing happened. Boys weren't drooling over our thighs or our shoulders. And if they were, that wouldn't have been our fault!!!

Now, Cobb county says that parents are best suited to decide about whether their child wears a mask, but that they are not best suited to decide what the child wears on their bodies. 

Sign my petition for the victims of this gender/race/class discrimination. I am not planning on changing dress code of every school and being in history books. I am just a young girl, supporting what I believe in.

While the sexist nature of dress codes is readily apparent, many of you are asking how dress codes are racist. Thank you for asking that question.  For information as to the disproportionate effect dress codes have on people of color, please see the following link

As for how dress are classist, please consider a student who does not have resources for clothing other than those that are hand-me-downs or donations. They have to take those clothes as they are. 

0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!