Voltron Season 8 - Release the Original the Showrunners Wanted

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On December 14th, 2018, Dreamworks and Netflix released the final season of Voltron: Legendary Defender.  Rather than receiving the original vision of the showrunners and cast, we as the faithful audience were given a messy season full of executive meddling.  Beloved characters were mischaracterized, fridged, and left in the background to be forgotten.  The bond between the cast disappeared.  

The last-minute addition of the pre-credits epilogue brought us a crushing end to an already disappointing season.  Instead of giving ends that our beloved cast deserved, executive meddling caused them to be separated and tokenized and completely out of character.

We are aware that this was not the original plan that the showrunners had for season 8, and we deserve, as an audience who truly loves the show and characters, to know what their vision and story was without the executive meddling that ruined the final season.   

(Cover art by Lauren Montgomery)