LGBT in voltron.

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I am hopes in inspiring those who want to make a change

I am in hopes that Voltron would be able to complete the story they want. I thought- that LGBT was silenced in the show. Though THEY, are the ones who were silenced by the higher power. 

I would wait a long time for Voltron. I would wait and let the writers, directors, animators, make their show thrive with all the beautiful ideas they must have had.

I DO NOT, believe that they wanted this. I don’t think that season 7 was intended to be what it was. Perhaps it’s a patch up. And why it all seems so rushed. Many other people think that too. 

As a part of LGBT community myself, I’m hurt. And I’m scared, that people like myself won’t get the proper attention and ability to show younger generations that... it’s okay, to love who you want. That it’s okay to love a girl or a boy. 

And most importantly. To be able to love myself. Silencing LGBT? Silences a larger audience than they may think. 

Please. Help get a word across.  

Theres a paladin in all of us. 

The lions are with you! <3