Justice For Lotor

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After Voltron an Lotor started fighting in season 6 ep 7, Lotor hit his breaking point. He has had a horrible childhood, was raised to be evil and has only experienced pain. He clearly loved Allura, and when she turned on him is when he went over his breaking point. All the pain and sorrow built up inside of him, and he couldn’t hold it anymore. Combine that sadness with the quintessence is what drove him to insanity. Lotor sacrificed a few hundred Alteans to save millions. The one he loved was disgusted by this and turned on him. Lotor isn’t to blame. We need to bring Lotor back as the happy, caring Lotor we see in season 5 and the first few episodes of season 6. Please, help bring him back. If we get enough votes, we could convince Dreamworks to bring him back as the Lotor we all love, and not the corrupted one in the season finale.