Confirmed victory

By using the word pimp, such as in the movie Turbo where they "pimp your shell," in the context of "improving" or "making better," we have created a society that allows human beings, even children, to be exploited. This seemingly innocuous word, when used out of context, has a lot of power to change how we view victims, especially children, involved in the pimp/prostitution subculture. It is time that we viewed this word as the negative thing that it is and instead educate our children about how pimps do not "improve" things at all, but rather exploit and abuse other humans for profit.

"Pimping" something, whether a ride, "crib," or shell is not a good thing. Pimps are manipulators and using this word in children's movies, music, etc. teaches our children the entirely wrong message. We have overlooked, and therefore silently approved, as famous people admit to being "pimps," such as Snoop Dogg, a voice in the movie Turbo. We allow children to listen to music that talks about "pimping" women as a way to earn respect or make good money and consider this to be "no big deal." Whether we want to admit it or not, this promotes the idea that it is okay to exploit other human beings for profit. We have allowed the victims, even children, to be arrested and jailed for something they are being forced or coerced into doing. Many still believe that it is the victim's fault - s/he should have known better. But how can we expect anyone to know better when we tell children that pimps are good by the language we use, even in children's movies?

It is time to accept our society's responsibility for putting our children at risk for exploitation and it can begin with our language. Dreamworks, step up! Accept responsibility and remove this phrase from your film!

Letter to
CEO, Dreamworks Animation Jeffrey Katzenberg
Stop using the word "pimp," especially in children's movies, as if it means to improve something. The pimp/prostitute subculture is not about making something better. The continued, out-of-context use of this word teaches our children that pimps are a good thing and this allows this subculture to continue. Pimps do not improve; they exploit, abuse, and manipulate. The seemingly innocuous use of the phrase, "pimp your shell," continues the myth of what pimps actually do to other human beings, even children. Currently 200,000-300,000 children at risk for being exploited in this pimp/prostitute culture! Our society puts them at risk by continuing behaviors that blame victims and desensitize youth to the exploitation of people, such as our use of language. I am not okay with exploiting other people and I do not want children in this country learning that word out of context. Please remove this word from all material that is designed for children, such as the film Turbo, so that we can at least take a first step in the direction of changing our society into one where people are no longer used and abused for profit. Every little action can create great change and I would like to see Dreamworks take one of those actions.