The reprint of old Dreamcatcher albums

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Reprinting the old albums (Prequel etc)

We, Insomnias want a reprint of the old Dreamcatcher albums. The company, Dreamcatcher and the Fans will benefit from reprinting the albums then our Fandom is increasing drastically since Raid of dream and more and more Insomnias want the old albums.

Also with reprinting the albums you can help to stop those ridiculous prices from Fans who want over 900$ for prequel or fall asleep in the mirror. Dreamcatcher Company (Happy Face Entertainment) And the group itself can increase their sale stock and like I said above stop those prices and give new insomnias a chance of getting the old albums without selling their kidney. 

I hope we, Insomnia can gather our force and will successfully reach out to the Dreamcatcher company!