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Mechanical Keyboards For Drayton Manor High School

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In recent times the consensus from students from Drayton Manor High School is that the quality of the keyboards from the school are of sub-par. Most students report after typing on their rubber-dome keyboards their hands are physically exhausted and with some students having pains in their hands that impact their learning ability after using the keyboards with desktops with Drayton Manor High School.

Numerous studies have also com firmed the correlation between typing on rubber dome keyboards and dexterity issues in older age. A study by the World Health Association found   When you type on rubber-dome keyboards your fingers and/or hands move in an isolated way, causing tension, which often turns into pain and injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome and tendinitis. Here, you’ll learn the six main causes of typing pain and injury "

Looking at the overwhelming evidence in support to the correlation between typing on rubber dome keyboards and health issues; I would see that it would be a duty of teachers and parents to prevent lingering problems for the next generation, despite how small the perceived problem now is. I believe it is a duty of a man in authority such as Sir Singh should weld his power to further the goals of students as a whole as the best use of taxpayers money.

We believe a small investment into Keyboards with Mechanical Key switches will benefit students academic ability and their physical condition, which the financial cost is not small compared to the benefits of the investment from Drayton Manor High School.

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