Draper City Moda Town Center Projects Approval to be OVERTURNED

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Information On Two Projects That Threaten The Future Of Our Neighborhood

URGENT CALL TO ACTION: The Draper City Planning Commission approved the Conditional Use Permits (CUP) and Site Plans for both the Moda Town Center and Moda Lone Peak sites on January 25, 2018.  These two Conditional Use Permits will allow up to 90 townhomes/ businesses in the protected Town Center. If the City Council upholds the Planning Commission’s decision to approve the conditional use permits it will allow for future unlimited high-density townhomes or apartments to take over the Draper Town Center neighborhoods.

Both of these CUP’s were to be heard and voted on by the Draper City Council at their February 6, 2018 meeting. This was stopped because an appeal letter was filed against both Conditional Use Permits.  A formal appeal had to be filed to stop both of these projects from being developed after approval of plat amendments.  The formal appeal was filed on February 8 by one of our neighbors, as well as, the Little Dutch Boy Bakery.  The following were two City Council agenda items that will affect our neighborhoods negatively:

·     Moda Town Center Plat Amendment at 12553 South, Fort Street

·      Moda Lone Peak Plat Amendment at approximately 12332 South, 970 East  

What does this mean to you as a resident of Draper City, especially if you live on Fort Street or ANY Street that is off of Fort Street?

●   DENSITY: High density Housing which consists of up to 90 townhomes.

●   UP TO 90 UNREGULATED, UNLICENSED home based businesses (Draper City Code does not require home based businesses to be licensed).

●   SCHOOL SAFETY: Negatively impacts the safety of children and the Draper Elementary School’s Safe Walking Route.  The only access to the school is in and off of Fort Street. 

●   TRAFFIC STUDY: We have reviewed the traffic study and it was NOT conducted during the high peak hours when school begins and ends (both at Draper Elementary and Corner Canyon High School.)  These periods of times that they did not conduct the study is the highest volume of traffic during the day Monday through Friday on Fort Street.   The areas that they did study were all around City Hall.  It was not indicated at all that Draper Elementary is located approx. 2/10 mile from the Moda Town Center project and no study was conducted in front of the Moda Town Center location. THEREFORE THIS STUDY IS FLAWED.  Not to mention, this traffic study was never submitted or reviewed by the Planning Commission.   With these projects directly impacting Draper Elementary’s safe walking route and traffic flow on Fort Street and Pioneer Road, the Planning Commission should have reviewed the developer’s traffic study prior to approval.

 ●   TRAFFIC: Huge increase of traffic on Fort Street, Pioneer Road and Draper Parkway.  According to the City Staff, the intent of the conditional use permit:  “will provide buildings containing office, commercial, and residential uses. This will help the city create a vibrant core by allowing a variety of uses to create 24-hour synergy.”

●   PARKING:  Both sites only meet the minimum required parking stalls.  Limited development parking will lead to overlfow parking and additional congestion on Fort Street and 970 East.  WE HAVE JUST DISCOVERED:  11 parking spots will be on Fort Street for Moda Town Center project and 16 parking spots will be on 970 East for Moda Lone Peak project .  

●   UNSAFE PEDESTRIAN WALKWAYS: within the developments which violates the code.  The intent of the code was to promote walk able neighborhoods (the deviation that the planning commission approved is in violation of the code and will set a bad precedence for future developments in the area).

● HISTORIC TREES: The Loss of historic trees, old growth trees and green space.  The developer is asking for an exemption from the zoning ordinance that requires the developer to replace 24 old growth trees that would be eliminated in this project.

● HISTORICAL PRESERVATION COMMISSION: Indicated to the Draper Planning Department by letter: “We feel these developments should better represent the intent and spirit of the Town Center Zoning.”   It also stated that both developments do little to reflect the importance of architecture, creating walk able, human scale environment. The commercial spaces on the ground floor, new construction vs. historic streetscape.

If these projects were to be approved there could be up to 40 townhomes/ businesses on Fort Street. Also, very close by on 970 East across from the cookie factory there could be up to 50 more townhomes/businesses.  This means up to 90 townhomes and businesses in a close proximity to one another on two nearby streets that can barely handle the traffic flow that already exists. This will add at least 300 plus people living, working and patronizing these businesses into this already congested area.  How many more cars can travel the area that we all access daily and is already at max capacity?  


1) Your attendance and presence at the Appeal Hearing on Tuesday, March 6, 2018 at 6pm in the City Council Chambers at Draper City Hall.

2) Your attendance at our neighborhood meeting on Thursday, March 1, 2018 at 7pm at the Draper City Library Meeting Room.  Come learn the details and ask questions so you can share this with your neighbors and educate others regarding what Draper City is trying to do to downtown Draper.

3) Donations will be accepted in person at the Community Meeting and the Appeal hearing to help cover the cost of a private citizen filing the appeal documents.  Total to appeal both projects equaled: $433.00. Don't make a donation here because it will go directly to change.org not to our cause.

A donation can be made to my paypal account. Please send money by choosing send money to family and friends (then there is no fee). My paypal account name is: kland84020@comcast.net

4) Access the Dropbox link to review relevant documents and share this link with those impacted by these developments. 


 DROPBOX Link to access documents:



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