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Skyrim should be leading up to this: The Tsaesci revere the dovahkiin, the blades founded by akaviri tsaesci, the dragons are from akavir, the nevarine and hero of kvatch journey to akavir after their games, the mysterious akavir reports there is a small akaviri island( ideal for a DLC) which had been invaded by Uriel V and his legion, Tosh-Raka the giant tiger-emporer dragon is reported to have plans to invade tamriel and delphine says dovakiin can only kill a dragon properly, the Tsaesci built sky haven and alduin's wall when looking for a dragon born.

Its important because its either passionate award winning dlc or a dlc designed to suck money out of the pockets of fans who deserve more.
They should add a DLC including interesting characters (similar to Serana's originality in actions and awareness), a dragon mount you can bond with (female? Witty? Not typically baritone and cryptic?), set it in a new location (Akavir would be ideal for many reasons. The fact that having fog cover the asian landscape would prevent graphic problems when flying), create a great experience with an interesting lore-expanding story and make the dragons a lot more diverse and interesting. Skyrim merely scratched the surface of the dragon, a creature found in every culture in the world. Akavir is the land of the dragons. A brilliant opportunity to expand on a mythical being built into the very phycosis of humanity. Thousands of years of dragon lore and all bethesda can imagine are gutteral, single sex daedra like beings?

This once the consumers should decide what they get rather then making do with whatever a greedy company throws out.

If you have any edits you wish to make to either the information above or the letter below please email me and let me know. As soon as you sign this is also your petition.

Letter to
Bethesda softworks Dragons of Akavir.
Bethesda studios,

It has come to our attention you have taken advantage of your fans dedication and expect them to buy anything. (Horse armor-Q.E.D.) Perhaps we should have a small say in this matter. A group of fans came up with this idea: A D.L.C. revolving around an Akaviri island in which Uriel V attempted to invade.It would be an ideal situation to expand on the dov and jills. There happens to be dragons in every culture worldwide to take inspiration from. A dragon mount should also be apart of this expansion. Tsaesci already use dragon mounts so it is completely lore friendly. Not to mention the khajit can be re textured into To-pun along with blades armor for akaviri armor and et cetera..
The dragon mount prototype has already been made and the goblins the Tsaesci enslaved shall not be a problem thanks to your game jam.
As for the problem of graphics during dragon flight: I am pretty sure a good cover of fog over the landscape will prevent major problems (besides we are used to graphics problems).
There is a chance to expand on the dragons ( if you expanded in a future game it would look like a repeat of skyrim) and their interesting language.
I also advise giving the player a reason to bond with the dragon mount. If you make a she (from what I learned from the lore female or female minded dragons are called jills) it would give you an excuse for making it smaller so as to reduce problems as well as make her unique and more appealing, rather than being a typically guttural clone.
At the moment there is turmoil between Akaviri races due to the Tsaesci's attempt at enslaving black dragons who allied with the To-pun. A tyrannical tiger-dragon emperor is also planning to attack tamriel once hes delt with the Tsaesci. Only dovahkiin can permanently kill a dragon.
This is almost too perfect. The potential is there. The opportunity is right in front of you. It is illogical not to.
I could suggest more but I am sure you fellas are the experts. We are simply nudging you toward the right direction.
-Your fans

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