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Having Dragon's Dogma available on PC would bridge PC gamers to the title whose genre has a large appeal on the platform. Dragon's Dogma and games like it rarely see a release on PC. PC software consumers, gamers, and avid fans of Capcom and it's affiliates want to see Dragon's Dogma on the PC. Every person who has signed petition attests to that fact, and swears if upon it's release on PC to purchase it and to suggest it to friends, peers, co-workers, or gamers that they know who might enjoy it.

Please sign this petition if you wish to see a PC release of Dragon's Dogma.

If you sign it, please send this petition along to your friends or fans of Dragon's Dogma!
Thank you.

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Dragon's Dogma for PC
I just signed the following petition addressed to:
Capcom on a release of Dragon's Dogma for PC.

Friends and fans of Capcom and Dragon's Dogma want to see Dragon's Dogma on the PC. Dragon's Dogma is a great game. Having it available on PC would make it all the greater.


Friends and fans of Dragon's Dogma!

We the undersigned want Capcom to to release Dragon's Dogma on the PC platform.

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