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Draft Joseph Sanberg into the U.S Senate Race Against Feinstein

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"The future is the product of the choices and the leadership that we have now. So we have to ask ourselves, what kind of future do we want? I envision a future where everyone that works and everyone that wants to work, but can't, can afford their basic needs and live with full financial security and human dignity." - Joseph Sanberg

RunJoe2018 is a campaign to draft Joseph Sanberg to run for United States Senator for California in 2018.

We need your help! Help us convince Joe Sanberg to get in the race. Join California Progressives in 2018 to disrupt the corporate Wall Street political establishment.

It is our mission to ensure that Dianne Feinstein does not win re-election to the U.S. Senate in 2018. To achieve this mission, we believe California is in need of a truly progressive candidate who has a history of winning big on issues that Progressives care about. 

Joseph Sanberg is the right Progressive at the right time! Read More

Joseph Sanberg has been busy winning for all Californians. His work to establish economic security for all Californians is nothing short of incredible. Click here ​

Quotes by Joe Sanberg:

"We could be the best progressive hope for the future. We have to finally harness now the will that we have lacked -- the will to act, so that we are the best progressive hope for everyone." View Video Here

​"We have been snookered by these corporate Democrats, and if we are as passionate as I know we are about changing the future, no more. We can not be snookered by these corporate Wall Street Democrats anymore." View Video Here

“They say not all heroes wear capes. In California, they wear hairnets, uniforms and gloves.”  View Video Here   

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Let's Go, Joe!



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