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Petitioning South Charleston, WV Chief of Police/Animal Control Officer Brad Rinehart

DRAFT - Help South Charleston Woman Keep Her Canine Family Together!

South Charleston, WV:  Pat Colsher has had serious medical issues for as long as she can remember.  Due to a traumatic childhood, she has been diagnosed with severe PTSD, recurrent major depression and generalized anxiety disorder. She also loves and rescues dogs. Pat has saved at least 47 dogs. She owns five.

But now, due to the City of South Charleston’s “two dog limit”, the City is trying to take some of her dogs away from her. Two of her dogs are therapy dogs, so they should be exempt under the ADA, however the City has not specified that to be the case.

Pat needs and relies on her dogs.  Her dog Tavi helps her with balance and to keep from falling. She had a torn meniscus from a fall in February, so her knee goes out suddenly. Her therapy dogs are also trained to help with her night terrors, flashbacks, and fear of leaving her home.  And the warning bark of a dog is a good thing for a woman who lives alone and becomes frightened when people come to her door.

All Pat asks is to be able to keep her two therapy dogs and her three dogs that are elderly and/or have health and behavioral problems. Robbie is a beagle boy who was horribly abused after someone shoved a pipe down his throat to “debark” him. Gracie is a boxer mix who came from a domestic violence situation and was skin and bones when Pat saved her.  Mika is a puppy mill beagle who was bred almost to death.  Mika is 14 years old, as is her therapy dog, Regis.  Pat saved Regis when he was on the short list to be killed.  When she got him he had so many parasites that his red cell morphology was completely screwed up.  He had been hit by a car, shot and had infected ears. Tavi, her other therapy dog, also came from a high kill facility. He had been kicked in the head and had broken and infected teeth, had massive ear infections, a urinary infection and had such bad skin infections on his face that the fur will never grow back – it is all scar tissue. 

These are the dogs that the City of South Charleston wants to take from Pat only to put them in jeopardy again in another shelter setting!  Pat's health will also be negatively affected by this inhumane act. She saved these dogs, now she is the one needing help.  Pat is asking for an exception to the “two dog limit” since two are therapy dogs, and the other three are elderly or disabled.

Pat Colsher appeared before the City Board on May 1, 2012.  Nothing was decided, and another meeting has been set up for June 5th.  Please help Pat keep her dogs by signing this petition asking that her dogs be exempt from the “two dog limit”. The photo above is of Scooby, one of the dogs Pat loved and cared for until he passed away.

This petition will be updated as more information becomes available; however, the intent will remain the same.


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