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Termination Without Determination

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Rise up Jackson State Faculty, Staff, and Students,

As of Friday, September 29, 2017, Mr. Alexander Kessie of the prestigious Jackson State University will be terminated from his position as Jackson State's webmaster. The University is trying to quietly phase out Mr. Kessie’s job by not “finding the money” to renew the grant that he is working under. This termination comes as a shocking and mighty blow to staff and students alike. This termination materializes after 13 plus years of Mr. Kessie’s backbreaking labor in the Jackson State's CSET division. Within that time period, Mr. Kessie has developed and managed Jackson State's main website along with over 32 other websites associated with Jackson State which directly impacts all of JSU’S faculty, staff, and students. Also, within that time period, he has maintained and repaired an incalculable amount of computers and electronic devices.  Even if you are not aware of Mr. Kessie’s technical prowess, you should be aware of his amazing energy and personality. Mr. Kessie is and has been a light in my life since I’ve begun attending Jackson State. His humor and good advice for both the academic and social arenas has propelled me to be the best student and person that I can be. Without his presence in the John A. Peoples Science Building students and staff alike will have one less light to aid them as they travel down the difficult road of BETTER.

Now, we all are aware of Jackson State University’s history with obtaining and mismanaging its finances, but removing such an outstanding individual from his position after only a short notice will actually only serve to diminish the quality of JSU’s overall academic experience. Our plea to the President is to either allow Mr. Kessie to maintain his current position as the University’s webmaster or to give him an extension of time prior to termination to allow him to transition to another career elsewhere. It is unfair to Mr. Kessie, his wife, and young son for him to be out of his position as webmaster before being able to find another sustainable career. (If you care nothing for the man, at least have the decency to care about what happens to his family.) Sign this petition, pass it on, and fight the good fight of justice and equal opportunity for all. If you say you believe in fairness, practice what you preach. Peace to everyone’s conscious because it will be your witness and your judge.


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