2nd attempt for the online assignment

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Ref Public relations started this petition to Dr Wellemien Marais

In this petition, the ICOM 2634 students are requesting a second attempt for the final online assignment that constitutes 50% of our module mark.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the “no student left behind” campaign we are saddened by the conduct of the ICOM 2634 lecture. We believe that she has failed to show empathy and professionalism due to the following reasons :

1. She changed the settings of the WhatsApp group to allow only admins to talk (herself). Because of this, we believe that we have been receiving different information regarding assessments

2. On many occasions she has announced online activities to which the slides of those respective activities would be uploaded at a later stage.

3. She does not simplify her questions for activities and believe that this sets us up for failure 

3. For this particular activity there was a confusion as to what time it would close. On blackboard she stated that it closes at 10 am, however, we found out from other students that it will close at 1 pm.

4. She then disclosed on WhatsApp the day before the activity was due that we may go over the time limit indicated as we will not be penalised for that. This became unfair for students that had already submitted the assignment 

5.She told us to read the instructions but we also found critical information that the second part of the instructions appears once your time has lapsed. we believe this should have been indicated at the beginning of the online assignment together with the rest of the instructions because many students submitted their work before time lapsed. 

6. She gave us 5 questions for 100 marks. Two questions in particular were for 20 marks but in the textbook it’s a small piece of a paragraph to which some of us did not know how to answer for 20 marks

7. There’s an issue of trust between us and the lecture because we feel like we always have to double check what she’s saying and maybe it’s because we don’t get to express ourselves in the WhatsApp group and also because she keeps changing her mind

8.Most times she does not reply to emails and sometimes she confuses the units and chapters

We respect her and her teachings. We just believe that she is not open for discussion as she expressly told us to “stop complaining” in the WhatsApp group.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!