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Provide Rainbow Shelter for Balinese LGBTQIA in Bali

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Rainbow Shelter Facebook Page: Rainbow Shelter 1. Coming Out Counseling, anytime. 2. Open Library, anytime. 3. Lecturer Series, monthly. 4. An Autobiography of LGBTQIA Friends 5. Fund Raising: Free & Natural, X-Ballet 6. Construction of Rainbow Shelter, based on the concept of Asta Kosala Kosali, within concern to create of sustainable peaceful and healthy environment. Note: LGBTQIA then said as Diversity Sexuality instead of Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer Intersex Asexual We have known that the Hinduism tradition in Bali, has been followed of THK or Tri Hita Karana philosophy which can be learn basically after few years of living at Province Bali, Indonesia. We all knew that Bisexual or other Diversity Sexuality here are such a normal things happening similar to other places in Indonesia, or other countries. In fact, we have been noticed of urgent need for an honest society, to live within love and compassion. Furthermore we hope able to create process of healthy and peaceful environment through self and society acceptance for free & equality. What we do: 1. Coming Out Counseling, anytime This service provided in order to encourage and help our young to old people on Diversity of Sexuality being able to love their own self. Bringing own confidence are part of healing, while then they able to take part of self realization and work for their own liberation to remain stay happy and balance within their own sexual orientation interest toward different kind of challenges of life. 2. Open Library, anytime. This service provided in order to create an intellectual perspective. An individual or group may donate their used novel or other kind of relevant used books. We prefer kind of novel, and book which may able to train our residents within concern of mind, body, and soul healing. The donation will be recorded professionally and privately, to protect privacy as well. 3. Lecture Series, monthly. This service provided to share of knowledge on inspiring lectures. The lectures itself, can be from different kind of topics, and lead by their own expert. In the end, we do hope that able to help, and support to solve the challenges that what our society, and country has in innovative way. 4. An Autobiography of LGBTQIA Friends. This service provided in order to bring daily inspiration as how we able to learnt from the past lesson of someone life history. Their stories, at some points can be helping others, to deal with their own life in present or in future challenges as best as they can. Definition of Rainbow Shelter, First, it is Residency where Diversity Sexuality people different ages, and sex able to stay as their second home away from family as part of big family. Second, it is a Training Institute, where Diversity Sexuality people also able to learn different kind of knowledge, and apply what have been learn into daily practice to support themselves, their own family, and also the society. Third, it is also important to choose the location. West Bali, Indonesia which is has a lot of nature space, and also well connected to Java Island. Furthermore, since its surrounded of West Bali National Park and such peaceful region motivate us to be part to support the project of “Jalak Bali” or Bali Sterling Bird preservation as well. Fund Raising, it is important to understand and realize that the real challenges that we face currently to achieve toward the goals and the projects need such financial, and other possible support: Free & Natural, X-Ballet it is a performance of X-Ballet, and its relevant projects to show and adopt the simplicity of human being free naturally. Facebook Page: Free & Natural, X-Ballet Thank you very much for your kindly support, and cooperation. Hope this joint project will bring kind of fresh air, toward our long walk toward Diversity Sexuality challenges and its goal of Free & Equality. Therefore we do hope able to give an intense support as well to safe other human lives by create positive living environment. Best Regards, I Nyoman Tenaya Santika Rainbow Shelter

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