Women career restart option with short working hours like 2/3rd of normal working hours!

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A large number of women quit working, or feel extremely pressurized, if they continue to work after marriage and kids, because in countries like India, the entire responsibility of household lies primarily on women. 

If there is an option to work for half a day or 2/3rd of a day, a lot of women can continue/resume working. Of course, the payscale can be adjusted accordingly, nobody would mind that, when maintaing work-life balance is getting easier. So, in case a woman opts for 2/3rd of the working hours, and hence 2/3rd of the salary, instead of 2, 3 FTE's can be hired, while the salaries being paid remains the same, so no favour/compromise is being made on the company's part, while it will mean a lot to women.

This would also result in more women taking up professional courses, as they would not be afraid of not being able to work after marriage and family.

It's a humble request to the administration of our country, to the employers, and to all those people who can bring in this change!

Thank you!