Please postpone TY BSc IT examinations or space them out by giving holidays in between.

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We, the students of TY BSc IT, batch 2018-19, have it very unfortunate with our examination time table. Firstly, unlike our seniors, we had a 150 marks project, as well as 5 subjects to study for in our Semester 6.

The implementation of the project itself has been very time consuming, and stressful. Now that, the project presentation is done, we have hardly more than a week to prepare for our semester 6 theory examinations. That too, all in consecutive days, without any break or study leave. 

Making a project worth 200 (overall) and studying for 5 subjects is not impossible. But what makes matters worse is that we do not have enough time to prepare for the exams. If the exams were spaced out with few holidays in between, it would have be a great relief and stress buster for us, students.

Appearing for exams 5 days in a row, back to back, is totally burdening to us, students. Therefore we kindly request the Mumbai University, specifically speaking, Dr Vinod Patil, Director Board of examinations and evaluations to hear our plea and grant us relief.