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Help Cornish Dance Accompanists Keep Their Health Insurance

DANCE MUSICIANS COUNT! Help us uphold Cornish College of the Arts reputation for paying artists a fair wage and health care benefits. Management does not understand the value we add to the dance department.  An experienced, live musician supports dancers in developing and refining essential elements of artistry in dance. Live music in class offers aspiring professional dancers an opportunity to witness the artistic collaboration between dancer and musician, a central relationship in a career as dancer, choreographer and teacher. Management proposes to take away our health insurance. Every employee deserves a cost of living raise. We’re asking for 3.5% per year for 3 years. This is only $9500 in new money for all the Dance Musicians combined. So far, management has refused every proposal made by the Dance Musicians. In 2014 Cornish College’s revenue was $32 million; management proposes to balance budgets at the expense of Dance Musicians who make up .034% of its payroll. Management denies that Dance Musician wages are too low for us to afford health care insurance. This is a radically altered position.  For over 12 years, Cornish has provided medical benefits as vital incentives to attract and retain professional Dance Musicians with decades of experience to further its mission statement. If management refuses to treat artists with respect, they send a dangerous message to the public about the value of an arts degree. The message is that artists don’t deserve a living wage and that is NOT the Cornish way. Tell management that you support fair contracts for happy & healthy Dance Musicians! Please email or call:  Moira Scott-Payne  1-800-726-2787 Nancy Uscher  1-800-726-2787 Jeff Riddell  1-800-726-2787  
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