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Respected sir/madam
One important issue I’d like to bring to the notice of the hon’ble chairman and members of the MCI-BOG. As you all may be knowing, the requirement of Assistant Professors in the Department of Community Medicine as per the MCI norms for 100, 150, 200 and 250 seats is 5(3+2), 6(4+2), 7(5+2) and 7(5+2) respectively. The +2 in the brackets is the MOH/Assistant Professor incharge, 1 each for RHTC and UHTC. Though this is clearly mentioned in the MCI minimum requirements, this +2 i.e., 1 MOH/Assistant Professor each for RHTC and UHTC is missing in the MCI assessors’ assessment sheet which is brought by the MCI assessors at the time of inspection. Hence it is not taken into account while calculating the faculty deficiency. Being aware of this discrepancy, most of the colleges including the govt ones are recruiting 2 APs less i.e., 3, 4, 5 and 5 against the requirement of 5, 6, 7 and 7 respectively for 100, 150, 200 and 250 seats. In this manner, we Community Medicine graduates are deprived of 2 job vacancies/college which comes to roughly 1000 vacancies (2*500 colleges) at the national level which is a very huge number given the current scenario of job saturation. Also, with the new competency based UG and PG curriculum being rolled out from 2019, the requirement of faculty is more than ever before. Hence, we the MD Community Medicine Graduates, request your goodselves to take appropriate steps to rectify this discrepancy and thereby help the young and fresh MD, Community Medicine pass outs and also help in effective delivery of curriculum to the students .
Thank you