Equal Opportunity for Women at Cedarville University

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In the 2019-2020 academic year, women only made up 2.3% of the chapels at Cedarville University before the school went online in March. If a woman attempts to apply for student Chaplain she is told that she would be better off in Women's ministry. Its time to stop hiding sexism behind Christianity, its time to make SGA for all the students (not just the men), and its time that Cedarville listened to their students. Women want a voice in chapel and many of us are deeply disturbed at the underrepresentation that is backed up by poorly supported doctrinal statements. When women are invited to chapel it is almost always to give a testimony or interview, never to preach. Let's make sure Dr. White notices the way Cedarville staff and student leaders are treating the female students and the discrimination the school allows. Cedarville argues that chapel isn't a church and yet they hold us back on the basis that women shouldn't preach in church. Let's solve this issue and give all the students at Cedarville equal and equitable opportunities.