Bellwood-Antis 2021 Prom

Bellwood-Antis 2021 Prom

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BAHS Senior Prom 2021 started this petition to Superintendent of Schools Dr. Thomas McInroy and

The Bellwood-Antis Class of 2021 is being denied the privilege of bringing a student from another school to our Senior Prom like every student who came before us. 

I know this year has been rough, believe me I know, but we deserve to enjoy our final dance as a BA Blue Devil.  Currently I am a virtual student for BAHS, and have not been hanging out with my friends like I usually would.  Other students have not been able to hangout with their friends or family because of COVID-19, but this is our last chance to see everyone before we graduate.  For some of us, myself included, this will be one of the last times we will be able to get together with all of our friends before everyone goes off to college.  Senior Prom is really important to everyone and we deserve to be able to go with a student from another school, just like those before us.  This is wrong of the School District Administration to take anything away from our Senior Prom.  It is our Blue Devil pride to stand up for what is right.

Listed below are reasons why we should be allowed to bring a student from another school to our Senior Prom:

  1. It is our Senior year and we should remember spending our last Prom with our girlfriend/boyfriend.
  2. The school is allowing us to play sports against other schools who are outside of our District, but can't do the same for Prom.
  3. All of our parents, along with some of us, work and interact with people outside of the BAHS District.
  4. Prom is an outdoor event at a public location.
  5. Other school districts are allowing students from other schools to attend Prom.
  6. Denying non-BAHS students entry to prom will decrease the fundraising normally produced by Prom.
  7. Lakemont park (venue for Prom) is at a 50% capacity and the Bellwood-Antis 11th and 12th grades are not even 50% of Lakemont parks capacity.
  8. Students who have a girlfriend/boyfriend outside of the BAHS District already hang out with them outside of BAHS District.
  9. Not being able to go to Prom with your choice, is denying them from having a memorable Prom.  This also discourages the students who have a date from the BAHS District from wanting to go because it would not be the same without their friends.
  10. Students all over the world already have to deal with the pressure of, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, body type, ability, income, or even clothing choice and much more on a daily basis.  We should not have to add who we are allowed to take to Prom to this long list.

Personally, I am a virtual student at Bellwood Antis High School and I have been looking forward to our Senior Prom.  I have not seen most of my friends in a while and I really want to see everyone again.  To me, Senior Prom is something more than just prom, it is a right of passage ending our school life as we are starting adulthood.  Some students who are not going to college do not even show up for the rest of the school year because Prom was it for them.  This is our last chance to be with all of our friends, hangout, have fun, just spend time with each other, and most importantly make our finally memories together as the Senior class of BAHS 2021.  As BA Blue Devils we deserve the chance to spend time with all of our friends one last time before everyone heads off to college.  As years pass, we might lose touch with some of our closer friends and as a matter of fact, that kind of scares me.  I don't want one of the last chances I have to be with my friends to be sad and depressing, because no one could bring their girlfriend or boyfriend and end up not wanting to come at all.  This is supposed to be a happy and an exciting moment for all of us and restricting who you can and can't bring to prom crushes all of that excitement.  Everyone will always get two Proms, but you only have ONE Senior Prom and I don't want the School District Administration to take that away from us.  We have already given up soo much of our Senior year due to the pandemic, please let us have this.

Some students who have already voiced their opinion:

"First off, I would like to state my disappointment. This school year, and my “senior experience” has been a total nightmare and disaster. The whole COVID-19 approach was developed and carried out very poorly. I won’t get into detail, but that’s besides the point. My graduating class and I are quite disappointed in the requirements the district have set for Prom this year. The fact we are not permitted to bring our gf/bf from another school to the Prom due to breaking our “bubble”, but being able to have sporting events with other schools makes no sense to me. The district has no control over what we do outside of school and frankly many of us hangout with our friends and partners from other schools anyways. It is nearing the end of the school year and we already have to take enough precautions as is with the mask mandate and social distancing rules. I don’t see the issue taking our gf/bf to our last ever High School Prom when we already hangout with them outside of school."

"A year ago all of our lives have changed in so many ways. We have all had to make adjustments and get used to a new “normal” that is anything but. Most of us hangout with our presumable dates outside of school already, so either way the few students from outside our district already have an impact on the exposure level for COVID-19. Not every junior and senior is going to have a date from outside of the district, but those that do have significant others from nearby schools should be allowed to choose who we make these lasting memories with. As seniors who have had to give up so much already, please allowed us to decide who our dates are to our last dance together."

Other students have also said this is unfair to do to us.

It is being asked that the Class of 2021 be allowed to bring a date from another school to their senior prom.

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