Stop the expansion of the animal laboratory COVANCE in Münster, Germany!

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The German NGO Doctors Against Animal Experiments (DAAE) is committed to a modern animal-free research and medicine. Animal experiments are a cruel and outdated way of research and don’t have a place in the 21st century!

The US company Covance operates in Münster, Germany, one of the largest animal testing laboratories for non-human primates in Europe. Every year up to 2,000 monkeys are killed here in painful toxicity tests. Covance is the largest non-human primate laboratory in Germany. Now the company wants to build a new facility for more monkey cages. So, soon even more primates will suffer and die here!

Covance Inc. is one of the world's largest contract research laboratories with branches in 20 countries. The branch in Münster is specialized in reproductive toxicity tests on non-human primates. Drugs or chemicals are daily force-fed to pregnant monkeys or injected into the bloodstream in order to observe the effects on their offspring. The result may be stillbirths or malformations. The substances are also administered to male monkeys to test their fertility. Such toxicity tests on our next of kin are ethically unjustifiable and scientifically senseless, as the results allow only conclusions on the effects of monkeys, but do not predict the reaction of humans.

In 2003, an undercover investigation exposed the cruel reality of everyday life at Covance. The images showed monkeys with severe behavioural disorders in tiny cages, painful toxicity tests and cruel treatment by the staff. The public outcry was huge. DAAE and other organizations filed criminal charges for violating the Animal Welfare Act, unfortunately the investigations were discontinued despite clear evidence.

Papers published by Covance itself prove the cruel treatment of primates. They are often kept individually for weeks in small cages. For the active and social animals this is torture. Monkeys that do not die from the toxicity tests are eventually killed.

Animal-free research is possible!

It’s time for a paradigm change! Animal-free methods using human 3D cell cultures and organ chips provide safe and relevant information about the safety and efficacy of substances for humans – unlike animal experiments that yield irrelevant results.

The famous Sanger Institute in Great Britain will close its animal experiment laboratory by 2022. The reason for the decision: the rapid global establishment of human-based research models such as 3-dimensional cell culture systems and organoids. This should state an example for other laboratories still using outdated animal experiments! Covance cannot deny future science any longer. It will come! That's for sure!

We urge the authorities not to approve the expansion of Covance!

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Photo: Brian Gunn