Close schools in Gaya

Close schools in Gaya

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Dr. Thiyagarajan S.M. IAS

Why this petition matters

Started by Keshav Kumar

The biggest concern of many experts is that if we get too many infections too fast, the number of sick people could overwhelm the system’s capacity to care for them. By slowing transmission in the population, we flatten the curve, and keep the number of people sick at any one time at a manageable number.

Although most children do not appear to suffer much when they contract the virus (many probably don’t even know they’re sick), they do contract it, and they can give it to others.

Adults can be given instructions on how to prevent person-to-person transmission, and can be relied upon to follow those instructions to varying degrees, but it’s almost impossible to get children, especially younger ones, to do so. If you have a child, you most likely rolled your eyes if you read my recent article about the importance of getting children to wash their hands rigorously, cough into their elbows only, and not touch their face.

Further, the school environment is well suited to spread disease. Students are often packed into small classrooms, where it’s impossible to sit six feet apart. They mingle and form other similar groups by changing rooms to go to different classes. They are put into one large room to eat together, sitting side by side.

It’s not just children that we need to worry about. Plenty of adults work in schools: teachers, janitors, food preparation workers and more. They’re all being put at risk by keeping schools open. Arguably they’re more at risk than many other workers at businesses that have already been shut down.

So I'm requesting to you all please save our young generation from being infected from covid by helping me to sign this petition if our efforts will don't work then a second way is that don't send your kids to schools it's my humble request to you if you want to save your kids then help me I need your support.

12 have signed. Let’s get to 25!