Whiskey Creek neighborhood and FCPS redistricting

Whiskey Creek neighborhood and FCPS redistricting

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Melanie Greskovich started this petition to Dr. Theresa Alban (Superintendant) and the FCPS BOE

It is important to keep the Whiskey Creek (WC) neighborhood within the Urbana HS district lines in order to keep the property values of our homes increasing.  Many of the WC residents chose to move to our neighborhood, paying a premium price for our homes, because our children would have access to the best schools Frederick County has to offer.

Indeed, Urbana High School provides a superior education in comparison to Linganore HS.

The U.S. News and World Report ranked the best high schools in the United States.  The rankings include data on more than 23,000 public high schools in 50 states and the District of Columbia. More than 17,000 schools were ranked on six factors based on their performance on state assessments and how well they prepare students for college.       

For more information see https://www.usnews.com/education/best-high-schools/articles/rankings-methodologies

Urbana High School’s rankings:                                       Linganore HS:

#754 in National Rankings                                                         #1,847 

#20 in Maryland High Schools                                                   #46 

#30 in Washington, DC Metro Area High Schools                     #57 

UHS Overall Score is 95.63/100:                                      LHS is 89.29/100:

Took at Least One AP® Exam 66%                                           56%

Passed at Least One AP® Exam 49%                                       39%

Mathematics Proficiency 62%                                                     58%

Reading Proficiency 71%                                                            56%

Graduation Rate 98%                                                                  98%

Urbana HS is geographically closer to Whiskey Creek than Linganore HS making it a more convenient and safer location for our residents.  

UHS is 3.8 miles away and a 7 minute drive from WC.  Conversely, LHS averages 11.3 miles (using the 3 alternate routes) and almost 20 minutes away. 

At UHS, it will be easier for our children to take advantage of extracurricular sports and academic programs and for our parents to be more actively involved with their students and the school.  Since Urbana is a more condensed geographical area (than the one posed to attend LHS), our children will be connected with the students who live in the Villages and in the Highlands; thus making it easier to foster and nurture friendships. Lastly, as our children reach the driving age, the commute to UHS is far safer (one road and two stop lights) than the windy country drive to LHS.

Conversely, for the WC students to attend LHS, the long commute everyday is physically and mentally tiring making it harder for them to focus on studying after they get home. Their lifestyle will be more hectic than necessary because of the travel. Most, if not all, school-related events are actually near the school so the students--and families--have to travel this great distance to attend all of those functions as well, making their participation less convenient.

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