Stop! Transparency, Good Governance and Accountability Matter

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Who this affects:

1. Workers of the Petroleum Company of Trinidad and Tobago (Petrotrin).

MINISTRY OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL AND LEGAL AFFAIRS Relations Chap. 88:01 for the Definition of "Worker".

If you are a worker and do decide to sign this petition and join the conversation, as proud Employees who feel strongly about Transparency, Good Governance and Accountability feel free and encouraged to leave your name and company badge number.

2. Petrotrin's Fringe Communities.

3. Citizens of Trinidad and Tobago

NOTE: The receipt and signing as having received Petrotrin prepared termination letters, by the Petrotrin Worker, is based on an notification received by the Petrotrin Worker to do so and not necessarily representative of the Petrotrin Workers agreement to or in support of the Company's actions, i.e.:

1. Petrotrin's decision to end the company’s refining operations at its 165,000-b/d Pointe-a-Pierre refinery, restructure and redesign its Exploration and Production business on the 28th August 2018 and

2. Petrotrin's distribution of Termination of Employment Letters and offering Voluntary Separation to Workers started 5th October 2018.

3. and now following the Injunction A 7 of 2018: OWTU and PETROTRIN and it's subsequent lift as at 8th October 2018

Trinidad and Tobago is in crisis!

 A decision has been made to shut down Petrotrin without presenting to it's workers or the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago in a transparent manner.

So therefore it appears that a decision has been made to shut down Petrotrin without looking at the implications of that action.  

Not only will 5500 employees be on the breadline, an additional 3500 contractor employees will be unemployed too. This means that the country will no longer receive NIS and PAYE contributions from Petrotrin employees nor would it receive taxes and royalties from the organisation. Additionally, since these workers and retirees would no longer be accessing the Petrotrin medical,  there would be additional pressure on the hospitals and health centers in the country.

Petrotrin is not a ward of the state! Not one cent of taxpayers money has EVER gone to Petrotrin. On the contrary, it is because of Petrotrin that the citizens enjoy roads, schools and other services. It is the money that this company earns that provides for the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago.

The closure of this company is the biggest con job that has even been pulled on the citizens of this country. We must not stand by and watch as our patrimony is being destroyed.


The OWTU has always agreed that restructuring of the organisation must be done. A MOA to that effect was signed on 3rd April 2018 by the Board and the OWTU. This agreement outlined the manner in which the restructuring was supposed to be handled. However to date no meaningful discussion has taken place. As such, the solution to this problem is for the Board and the OWTU to meet to discuss ways to restructure, deal with accountability issues, and the mismanagement that resulted in the state Petrotrin is in today and save it in a transparent manner, without shutting it down and sending home all employees.

The solutions good governance, accountability, and transparency.




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