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Leadership Requirements for Elections MVHS 2017

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To whom it may concern - 

We would like to propose that their be the requirement for those running for Executive Board SGA Presidents and Vice Presidents to enroll in the leadership class. Most of the events that occur for the betterment of the school are planned during Leadership Class, therefore the leaders of the SGA should be required to enroll in the Leadership Class as it is crucial they are aware of the various events taking place. The requirement does not apply to the entire EXEC board due to the fact many people have difficult and busy schedules. However, for the three leaders of SGA, President, 1st Vice President, and 2nd Vice President, it should be required to enroll in the class. For one, when enrolling in the class it shows dedication to leadership.  It is possible to become a full IB student and still pursue leadership. Therefore, this requirement does not single any one person out. It merely shows who is the most dedicated to leading the student body. Furthermore, if the leaders of SGA are not enrolled in the class, but are supposed to relay information regarding leadership class, this creates a communication error. The President must be filled in on information, prior to delivering the meeting. This should not be the case as it is the President's duty to lead SGA and already have knowledge of what is going on. By having the highest 3 positions enrolled in Leadership class, communication will increase as well as productivity.

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