Support the Iranian People in the Fight Against Corona Virus

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Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus


The World Health Organization


Dear Mr. Director-General


Whereas an uncontrolled viral contagion anywhere places a heavy burden for containment everywhere in the world;

Whereas flights from China to Iran, and from Iran to other worldwide destinations proceeded apace long after direct flights from China to those other destinations were stopped, thereby turning Iran into a self-infecting bridge passing the virus onto the world;

Whereas with clear signs of an epidemic in Qom, it was decided not to quarantine that city (unlike Wuhan, China), thus launching a viral chain-reaction which has now engulfed all of Iran;

Whereas the Islamic Republic did not stamp passports of citizens of certain countries like Bahrain and Saudi Arabia deliberately, thereby preventing authorities of those countries to control travelers from high risk areas and prevent controlling carriers of Covid-19 upon entry to their countries;

Whereas President Rouhani puts the date he became aware of the threat and shared it with the people of Iran roughly two months after his own former Minister of Health had warned him;

Whereas the tireless efforts of medical staff in Iran who are working around the clock cannot compensate for lack of medicine and equipment, or management obstacles created by paralled structures of religious and corrupt authorities, resulting in the inability to cope with the magnitude of this looming catastrophe;

Whereas parts of the world aid organizations sent to Iran have reportedly been diverted to black markets, and therefore further help cannot be safely assumed to reach the intended recipients without oversight of WHO and civil institutions;

Whereas the WHO’s fact-finding mission to Iran was stage-managed to deceive the world about the extent of the disaster wrought by the Islamic Republic’s acts of omission and commission, yielding reported numbers that were widely discredited in hindsight;

Now then, in order to protect the people of Iran from further criminal negligence; in order to help selfless doctors and medical workers in Iran who have braved death to help their fellow Iranians; and to save the world community from a continuing threat to efforts to close this cycle of contagion,

We, the undersigned petition the World Health Organization to enlist the support of the international community to help the Iranian people with their direct support and aid in this difficult hour.



Those measures shall be in accordance with:


●     Steps and actions according to the resolution WHA14.54, regarding maintaining the safety and of the world health conditions; the occurrence of epidemics and proper response to it

●     Measures and activities according to the Resulotion WHA55.16, on global public health response to a natural phenomenon, accidental release or deliberate use of biological and chemical agents or nuclear radio material that affect health

●     Measures and actions according to the resolution WHA29.56, on respiratory diseases



We now request that the World Health Organization takes direct action under the supervision of the United Nations in Iran, gets a closer picture of Iran's crisis hotspots through its medical experts, so that proper and effective measures can then be implemented to deal with this compounding disaster with dire worldwide consequences. The World Health Organization could then send direct aid to those in need through precise and focused coordination in cooperation with civic institutions.


Let us assure you that devoted doctors and nurses in Iran will accompany and support you with every step. The Iranian people will also welcome your direct aid and assist your personnel with every at every step.

There are rare moments in history when persons and institutions come under a magnifying glass, when their actions or inaction are recalled by generations to come. This is one of those moments.