Dear ZEE, Please Bring Back Zindagi!!

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In a surprise move, Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd (ZEEL) decided to discontinue its premium Hindi general entertainment channel (GEC) Zindagi and move the content to its ad-supported video-on-demand (VoD) platform OZEE. Zindagi shut down on 30 June and its content has been made available on OZEE from 1 July. ZEEL said that the Zindagi content had more traction on digital than on TV, hence the decision to go fully digital. Zindagi was classified as a niche channel offering the best of international content dubbed in Hindi.

Zindagi's differentiation was the Pakistani content that it was airing. It later added Turkish content to the mix. It had built a loyal audience base on the back of Pakistani and Turkish content. Following the removal of Pakistani content, the channel had doubled down on Turkish content in addition to local shows. It also acquired new formats in other languages.

Unfortunately, the decision to shut down this most loved channel came as a shock to thousands of its loyal viewers. This channel had brought a new ray of hope into our lives when it broadcasted quality global content. To the audience that cannot relate itself to saas-bahu melodrama of other channels, zindagi was a remarkable initiative. It was watched eagerly by people from every age group. We enjoy fresh and exemplary content of this channel whilst also falling in love with the talented actors from around the world.

Though digitalization is an appreciable initiative, there are many who do not have access to high speed internet or other resources required to watch dramas online. Plus, majority of the families sit together in their drawing rooms or dining halls to watch zindagi's superlative pick of dramas. Now with the content shifting to digital platform, many people deprived of internet connection will not be able to connect to ozee. Moreover, with individuals watching shows on their personal screens will only shatter the family bonding that zindagi had created by bringing something on the television screens that could be watched by all and sundry.

We request Dr. Subhash Chandra to reconsider his decision and bring back our favorite zindagi channel on television once again. We appreciated his decision to bring global content into our drawing rooms and now we want zindagi team to stand up for what they believed in and for what they promised.