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Legalization of Medical Marijuana

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Medical marijuana should be legalized by the federal government in all 50 states because of it's potential to treat and cure diseases and related symptoms. When chemical based medications have too many side effects, they can become unbearable and unmanageable for patients. Medical marijuana has been proven to treat symptoms such as nausea, seizures, pain, and stress because it contains THC and CBD. Medical marijuana is a natural, homeopathic, herb but recently, the FDA has created medications in the form of pills using these products from the plant. The legalization of marijuana in its whole, natural form would give patients more options for consuming the drug rather than just swallowing a pill. Medical marijuana would be available in pill, essential oil, lotion, and edible forms; each specific for the needs or abilities of the patients.

This is an important topic for change because we have seen family and loved ones suffer from diseases such as epilepsy and cancer. Knowing that there is a drug that can cure or ease their suffering has driven our support of medical marijuana. For people with epilepsy, medical marijuana can reduce the number and severity of seizures because THC can control muscle problems and alleviate pain while CBD can control seizures. Epilepsy is only one condition and accounts for a small number of people that could benefit from the legalization of medical marijuana in comparison to the large population of people in need. As a family member and a friend, my only benefit is the comfort in knowing that my loved ones will suffer less and potentially live longer, more enjoyable lives. This should be a priority for everybody who knows someone that is suffering. 

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