Low Cost IVF in North Queensland

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I feel passionate about changing the current IVF situation in North Queensland to allow more people to access affordable/ low cost IVF treatments closer to their homes.

There are zero IVF clinics solely dedicated to low cost or bulk billed IVF options in Townsville or the surrounding areas, consequently for a large percentage of people this requires travelling long distances to Brisbane and even interstate to access affordable IVF treatments.

I myself have travelled interstate to access IVF treatments as we were unable to afford treatments locally due to the costs. For many people these expenses, accompanied with the logistics of utilising interstate facilities are unfeasible. The difference in out-of-pocket expenses between low cost/ bulk billed and private IVF clinics can be up to $10,000. At this cost, achieving the dream to start a family is simply unachievable for some people. 

There is 1 low cost IVF clinic in Cairns (has set criteria on who can access these services), 1 clinic in Townsville who offer limited reduced cost services (has set criteria on who can access), and 0 low cost or bulk billed clinics in Mackay and Rockhampton. Where as in Brisbane & Gold Coast there are a minimum of 14 low cost/ bulk billed IVF Clinics. I feel that this is completely nonsensical to have only one low cost IVF clinic servicing the whole region of  North Queensland.

Please sign this petition to help North Queenslanders, as they not only deserve to have access to affordable IVF treatments, but should also be entitled to start a family in which they have dreamed of without incurring financial hardship.