Alter the Queensland Mental Health Act to avoid it being abused

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The Queensland Mental Health Act 2016 allows someone to apply to the Mental Health Tribunal to force an assessment to be made. The application can be compiled and presented to the tribunal who then meet and review it before making a recommendation. If approved, 2 members from Queensland Health and 2 Police officers are sent unannounced to the targets residence where they refuse to provide any details on who made the application, or the contents or claims that were made. So a person is confronted unannounced and forced to defend their mental state under threats of being taken into custody if they do not comply. 

While a process such as this may be required under emergency situations, my request is that a step be added so that the person who is rthe target of the application can read the accusations and are provided time to reply with their side of the story so that a balanced argument can be presented to the tribunal. If someone fails to provide a response by the required time then the tribunal should continue without it.

The importance of adding this step is for a number of reasons but mainly to stop the current process from being abused and wasting precious Queensland Health and Police resources. In addition it gives the target of the application some dignity instead of being presumed guilty before they are even made aware there was a complaint made or opportunity to defend themselves as currently only a one sided argument is presented and all events can be misrepresented. Eg after the above has happened, anyone can claim that a Mental Health Tribunal assessed that a mental health review was in order. That Police were required to enforce it. While these are factual statements they are one sided and make the target of the application sound guilty or mentally unbalanced even if the assessment finds absolutely no need for action to take place. This missrepresentation can be avoided by adding the step enabling the target to provide their side of the argument to the application and ensure bogus claims and applications are stopped at the Tribunal stage - avoiding insult and ruining peoples reputation and of course saving time and money.