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After a district court ruling ordered Palo be reinstated to the team due to negligence on the University's part, Iowa State University President Steven Leath and Athletic Director Jaime Pollard have taken a personal vendetta against Bubu. On January 22, the Des Moines Register reported "The Iowa Attorney General's Office, representing the state's Board of Regents, filed a motion today for an immediate stay of a recent district court decision that ordered Iowa State University to allow Palo to rejoin its basketball team." The charges in Palo's case were dropped. Palo is innocent in the eyes of the law until proven guilty. However, the university has taken it upon itself to decide Palo's future.  This is a disgrace to this university and the crusade against Bubu Palo should be stopped.

Letter to
President, Iowa State University Dr. Steven Leath
Iowa State University Athletic Director Jaime Pollard
This crusade against Mr. Palo has gone on too long. The charges against him have been dropped, he is an innocent man according to the law. Why can the University not let this go? Please end this infantile attempt to disgrace a student in good standing.

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