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As Citizens, we are aware that SADC is the recognized governing authority in the Southern Region where Zimbabwe is located and is therefore the body we required to appeal to FIRST. We the citizens of Zimbabwe are also aware that SADC has at times blocked international Action to hold ZANU PF government accountable which has made impossible of bodies like the United Nations to ACT. We are therefore going to follow the necessary protocol hierarchy with the hope and good faith that SADC will respect and honour their own guidelines. 

Below we present our Case to SADC as the Citizens of Zimbabwe                       

The Robert Mugabe and the ZANU PF government has presided OVER a repressive system which has time and time again failed to preside over FREE and FAIR elections. Elections years have been riddled with violence and many unfair practices. The Zimbabwe government has yet to align the constitution of 2013 with the laws making it extremely difficult to have FREE and FAIR elections. In addition, the ZANU PF led government is yet to institute the SADC Electoral Principles they agreed to and which other SADC nations have already implemented. 

It is further worrisome that The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC, body in charge of running elections in Zimbabwe) has 

1. Failed to begin Voter education and Registration 

2. Has stated they do not have the necessary financial backing to afford FREE and Fair elections for Zimbabweans 

3. ZEC has stopped engaging Opposition Stakeholders regarding matters affecting elections. ZEC has cancelled the last two meeting with opposition Stakeholders.

4. ZEC has gone back on its agreement with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) for the UNDP to acquire the Biometric Voter Registration System. Instead ZEC has opted to have ZANU PF government purchase the system. 

5. ZEC has demonstrated they are NOT A None Partisan independent organisation but rather they are given and follow instructions from the ZANU PF government thus rendering them an unconstitutional Body

We the Citizens of Zimbabwe are now appealing to 

1. Hold the ZANU PF government accountable to the SADC electoral principles which all SADC member countries agreed to and that other member countries have already implemented

2. We are further appealing to SADC TO NOT block any attempts by other members of the International community to Hold the ZANU PF government accountable. 

3. We are appealing SADC to intervene to ensure elections are held Freely and Peacefully 

4. We appealing for SADC to demand AN Electoral Commission in Zimbabwe that is free of State influence, that can afford all Citizens the right to vote and that can conduct Free and Fair Election

5. We are appealing to SADC to give the ZANU PF a deadline by which to ensure all SADC principles and constitutional laws are abided by ZEC and the ZANU PF government

6.  We are appealing to SADC to give the ZANU PF government a deadline by which to provide adequate funding to ZEC so that ZEC can afford ALL citizens FREE and FAIR elections. In the event ZANU PF cannot provide adequate and timely Funding we are then appealing to SADC to ensure that ZANU PF allows an independent body to facilitate elections in Zimbabwe

7. We are appealing that SADC ensures that ZEC respects the original agreement with UNDP to purchase the Biometric Voter Registration

8. We are appealing that SADC ensures the ZANU PF stops intimidation and violence towards oppositions and citizens supporting opposition.

9. ZEC has now announced that some Israeli Companies are now part of the companies who may provide Biometric Kits. NIKUV an Israeli Company was involved in the rigging of 2013 election. We strongly urge SADC to engage the Israeli government in this matter.

The Zimbabwean People Deserve Free and Fair elections and a right to government of their own choosing. The Citizens are asking SADC to respect the standards they have set for ALL member countries and to act or to allow others act to ensure principles are respected. The Citizens of Zimbabwe would like a FREE and FAIR election in 2018

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