Promote Students Without Exam or Conduct Online Exam (Even for resit students too )

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The academic year has been disrupted due to unprecedented nationwide lock down to contain the Corona pandemic with delayed academic calendar  and the possibility of offline exam is very dangerous at this time even for year back student or resit student as COVID-19 MIGHT EFFECT ON NEXT ACADEMIC YEAR IF OFFLINE EXAMS ARE CONDUCTED (even for resit students or yearback)

So I request you to conduct online exam instead of offline exam or Promote the Students without exams (even yearback or resit students too)

We request the university should make online payments and to fill resit forms online  for resit students as most of them stuck in different places due to COVID-19 .In India most of them came from different places there's more chances to spread COVID-19 if student or faculty come to college .I AM THE STUDENT OF MS RAMAIAH UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCE TESTED POSITIVE  COVID-19 

Students are the future of this country and their future shouldn't be uncertain and dark due to COVID-19 so I request university to do online exam or mass promotion (even for yearback or resit student too) and NEVER ALLOW ANY STUDENT TO ENTER THE CAMPUS TILL COVID-19 VANISH (EVEN FACILITIES TOO )So that at least next academic year will run normally.

If you agree with these demands please sign this petition and  please share it  to at least 5 of  you're friends or Faculties of RUAS