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Keep the Woodlawn doors unlocked:/

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Senior year has finally arrived and every senior student with a license and a car is given the privilege to park in either two of our schools parking lots. One of those parking lots is the woodlawn parking lot, in which the majority of the senior class parks in considering there is only 100 spots available in the visitors lot. It is located by our football field and a further walk then the other parking lot, the visitors lot. Besides being given the privilege to park at the school, we are also given the opportunity to request for early release or late arrival. There is a security guard who lets students in from 7:00am to 9:15am. After that, you can no longer enter from the woodlawn enterance. You are told to walk all the way around more than half the school campus to enter from the visitors. This is unfair specifically for the students who arrive to school for 4th period which begins at 9:35 and arrive to school even if it’s just 2 minutes after 9:15. This new rule did not start until this year. Last year, the doors were unlocked and if they were locked students were allowed to knock and have someone open the door for them. Now that the doors are locked and there is no one to open the door, students must walk around the school causing them to be very late for class. Besides that fact, as the weather begins to get colder, students should not be forced to walk around in the cold, rain or even snow just to get into the school. The school has a vast amount of security so they should be able to keep guard there at least until 5th period. We would like to be able to come to school and not worry and stress about how we’re going to get inside. 

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