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Bring back our senior quotes.

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       As seniors of the new high school, we have had the privilege of our senior quotes taken away by past seniors. It is unfair that a simple, yet fun thing we have looked forward to all of our high school years is now something that we cannot participate in because the yearbook committee does not want to sit down and approve less than 600 quotes. I say less than 600 because not all seniors put quotes and some do not graduate with this class. Yes, it can be seen as a difficult job, yet at the same time it is a senior experience that has been unfairly taken away from us. High schools across America do this, and for us to not partake in it leaves us out of that senior fun; it is comparable to not being able to have prom. It would be unjust in the sense that prom is a high school experience for generations that students have been able to enjoy. Senior quotes are about leaving your own little mark in the yearbook your last year of high school. It's about getting that last one liner in under your senior picture in the special back section of the book and reading what others said and laughing at it because when you read it you can just see that person saying it and it keeps that person alive for years to come. Imagine if it was your senior year and the school denied you the right every senior before you has gotten for generations just because the graduating class before you ruined it.            The class of 2018 was not the class to ruin the senior quotes, yet we are the ones getting punished for it, the classes before us have gone and left, and the fact that we no longer have them does not affect them and there is no point to not doing them, nobody is learning anything except that we as the first graduating class of the new high school have been denied the privilege to senior quotes.

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