Ban online system & Give us semester BREAK!!!

Ban online system & Give us semester BREAK!!!

1 April 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by osama ghafoor

All Pakistan Universities Students campaign against  online classes.

HEC online classes system is thoroughly flop and failed. Students are psychologically pressurized through such fruitless and ineffective classes. They hold their mobiles/laptops all the times in their hands as if they are studying but in the end of the day they end up with learning nothing besides paying heavy amounts. Students are facing issues like:

1) Many students have no access to internet connection. Those who have access merely attends online classes because of slow internet connection.

2) Students are psychologically pressurized and have become obsessed with Mobiles and laptops.

3) We are being treated as private students besides paying heavy amounts.

4) No learning outcomes are shown. Instead We are getting heavy work load. papers are also approaching near and we know nothing.

5) All the students are worried about their degrees. We are just baffled by this system and temporarily engaged in heavy assignments.

6) Quantity of Assignments are given beyond analyzing its possibility. Students are unable to comprehend the subjects.

7) Students of Mathematics , languages, Science and other conceptual subjects face difficulties in comprehension.

8) Students taking courses in which Lab is included(Especially Programming courses) are having 0 learning. Some don't have The laptops,The good internet connection,The environment. 

HEC and other Higher authorities are requested that kindly consider these issues seriously.

All the concerned students have to be united and be the part of this chain and send/post it on all social media platforms.

There is disappointment among students regarding the decision of conducting online lectures and now upload assignments covering whole outline of semster. As per government decision, due to COVID-19, the declaration is clear relating summer break till 31st of May. We reject new strategy of HEC for submission of assignments. The students have deposited heavy funds, and now without proper classes and lectures, purpose of learning and practicals can not be met. As already summer vacations have been declared then there is no purpose of giving assignments and then asking students to upload on portal. The availability of resources among the students and students residing among tge remote areas cannot be ignored also. As the significant amount of students cannot afford the internet services in these situations of the country lockdown. On the behalf of all the students we request HEC and University to review the decision considering all the factors and problems related to this matter.

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Signatures: 27Next Goal: 50
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