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Stop the unethical experiment of a head transplant

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This is an impact of the global community and is something that will forevermore change the way we view medical science and how much scientists really care about this procedure. The proposed head transplant is an unethical procedure with no hesitation that would cause the global view to change towards how much we care about the sanctity of life. Human life has always been cared for within medicine and this procedure that Dr Sergio Canavero wants to take part in is an experiment - an advantage for him to gain beneficial person status. We all know that he is aware of the procedure having a 99% failure rate, yet he wants to experiment with it with a pin drop of success. The spinal cord has never been attached successfully giving the body the full consciousness that it needs to function and thereby “how is it” possible to put a head back and the spinal cord on a complete alien body for the first time and expect it to work again with a better quality of life. The participant is either to lose mortal life or be drawn in a worse state of a low quality of life. This would show how far humans are willing to go within science just for a race to success. Our technology isn’t advanced for such things yet, we do not even have a cure for cancer and now humans want to jump to procedures that involve having a head removed with yet a possibility of life? Please, I am doing this to change how we value human life. I am a human rights activist and I really want people to stand up and stop this regardless of the participants willingness because at the end of the day, the doctors will do the procedure - it is dangerous and not realistic. Doctors will gain a new negative image and will afterwards, face the possibility of a backlash. Whether GOD exists or not, that is not the problem - yes, we might all at the end slip into the pond of non-existence but whilst the gift of life is there, why take a chance to give it away when there are other long-term terminal conditions that do require euthanasia or at least that’s the just idea. This is a very expensive research procedure and it would lead to many people feeling suicidal after not being able to afford it “if it becomes successful”. Don’t let a high possibility of failure drop lifes value with such immoral conduct. It is simply a cruel act and we must acknowledge the value in every life - yes, robots may one day get consciousness, but no, they will always lack the gift of life. Instead of doing such procedure, let research develop first! PLEASE HELP STOP THIS RADICAL, UNCERTAIN, AND DANGEROUS PROCEDURE SOON. THE EXPERIMENT IS NEAR.

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